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PM.IO — Innovative Gaming With ‘Provably Fair’ Feature

Welcome to PM.IO, a place where you can enjoy all kinds of games using cryptocurrencies! We always strive to acquire the most innovative and secure iGaming solutions to provide you with a safe, fair and fun gaming experience. To put it simply, we make gambling as transparent as it gets to be.

In this article, we want to tell you about Provably Fair Games. Have you never heard of such a thing before? Generally speaking, it allows you to check the fairness of the outcomes while playing cards, slots, roulette, etc. And we have lots of games with such a feature, powered by BGaming. Sounds exciting? Then keep on reading, and we will tell you how to make good use of it.

How to Check Online Roulette Outcomes?

You launch a game, for instance, European Roulette BGaming. Then you click the ribbon button in the top right corner, right next to the full-screen mode, sound and menu. And you instantly get a ‘Hash (Result+Secret)’ code with the encrypted outcomes for the upcoming round. Then you place your bets, wait till you get results and jump back to the ‘Provability’ window. Now you can check the fairness by clicking the Verify button at the bottom of the window. It compares encrypted data with the outcomes of your game.

European Roulette BGaming Provability

Pushing The Wheel a Bit Further?

We all know that it’s prohibited to touch the wheel of roulette in brick and mortar casinos unless you work as a stickman. But what if we told you that while playing European Roulette powered by BGaming you can actually make an impact and slightly shift the outcomes by pushing a wheel a bit harder? You only need to set a specific value called the ‘Client Seed’ to move the ball a couple of pockets further.

BGaming Provability Tool

Playing BGaming Slots with Provability Feature

Pokies require no special skills, and all the outcomes in these games are entirely random. But if you choose to play slots powered by BGaming, you will be surprised to learn that just like in roulette, you can shift the outcomes by changing the position of every particular reel just before the start of the game. And yes, you get the same hashed data with the outcomes. It allows you to check the fairness by the end of the round by looking up the final results. As an example, we played a couple of rounds in the Lucky Lady’s Clover.

As you can see we got everything 100% accurate for all the 5 reels: "symbols":"t","lady","k","ladybug","j"; "clover","a","j","t","coin"; "q","n","q","j","q"

Lucky Ladys Clover BGaming Provability

Checking Online Blackjack Results

As with the roulette, you need to launch any blackjack game from BGaming that supports the Provably Fair feature. For this article, we took the Multihand Blackjack. The overall algorithm here is all the same, with the only exception that instead of ‘pushing a wheel,’ here you can ‘cut the deck’ by picking the exact place where the deck will be parted. Then you start the game and can Verify the outcomes by pressing the corresponding button.

Blackjack Multihand BGaming Provability

Parimatch — Best Online Casino Experience

Enjoy all the benefits of online casino games while playing at Parimatch. Here you can choose from a wide library of iGaming solutions powered by world-renowned studios.

Every once in a while, we update our library with the most innovative games of chance. And when you think that there’s nothing to expect from us, we roll out new promotional offers. We always strive to enhance the player's experience in the best possible way. You can see all the available offers in the Promotions section. We have generous offers that include bonus money and free spins. Using our welcome bonus package, you can start your gaming experience right away.

Big Choice of Online Casino Games

When you start playing various games of chance online, it can be quite challenging to find the right option. There are so many various applications available at Parimatch casino that you might get overwhelmed. That’s why at some point, it might be useful to try testing out various games. For instance, you can start playing slot machines instead of card games or vice versa. Yes, at first, it might be awkward because you will have to learn a lot of new mechanics and rules, but in a long term perspective, you will end up mastering a bunch of different games.

Top Slot Machines

What can be easier than winning money by simply spinning reels with fruit symbols? Well, even though slot machines don’t look complicated, there are lots of modern games with advanced bonus levels. Of course, you can still find straightforward games with three reels, fruits and bells, but the thing is that Parimatch casino is all about diversity. Everyone can choose whatever they like.

Classic Card Games

The thing with playing cards online is that it’s a lot easier than in brick-and-mortar establishments. You don’t have to remember all the complicated rules, and there’s always a way to speed things up by simply pressing a couple of buttons. At Parimatch casino, you can access an abundance of various poker machines. These applications allow you to use virtual card tables and have fun online. Let’s review the most popular options:

Blackjack. It’s all about placing bets and comparing cards. The most peculiar thing is that players do not compete against each other. The sole purpose of every single round is to defeat a dealer by either scoring 21 points or waiting till the opponent gets busted.

Three Card Poker and Texas Hold’em are the most played games out there. And the great thing about these games is that besides dumb luck, they require a set of certain skills. That’s why users enjoy playing them so much.

Live Casino Solutions

For a long time playing roulette and many other games in a lobby full of real people was only the privilege of brick-and-mortar establishments. But things don’t stay the same forever. Parimatch Live casino section allows you to start playing all the popular games of chance with real dealers. It’s all about interacting with hosts through live stream services and having fun while placing bets online. Give it a try, and you will be impressed with the overall casino experience.

The great thing is that you can test almost every single title in a fun mode. And there’s no need to install any additional software because all applications work within a browser. It means that nothing stops you from playing slots on the go. You can see it for yourself. Just pick any random title, activate demo mode and see how it works.

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